Photo by Anisha Chugh; Provided by South Asia Women's Fund
Photo by Anisha Chugh; Provided by South Asia Women's Fund
photo provided by HER Fund
photo provided by HER Fund

Our Services

Win-Win Strategies works with and for companies, women’s funds and local women’s organizations. Our services are centered on creating meaningful partnerships and practical initiatives that work for women and for business. 

Read more about our four key services – advisory and co-design, capacity development, sector building and P.A.C.E. - and contact us for more details on working together. 

Advisory & Co-Design

Win-Win Strategies brings innovative thinking, creative co-design, and expert voices to help companies design and implement strategies for economically empowering women across their entire value chain.

The co-design process will not only bring in our own expertise, but incorporate the voices of the women who are the ultimate end-user of any initiative through the women’s funds and grassroots women's organizations in our network. 

Our Advisory and Co-Design services include:

  • Program strategy design and development
  • Trainings and workshops on women’s economic empowerment for teams and individuals across business units and at every level
  • 1:1 strategic advisory and coaching
  • Landscaping to help find the right partner

Capacity Development

We work directly with women’s funds and organizations to build their capacity to partner, communicate and collaborate with the private sector, as well as grow and scale sustainably.

Our Capacity Development services for women’s funds and organizations include: 

  • Intensive, impact-driven bootcamps on topics including partnering with corporates, communication and collaboration
  • Online and offline learning opportunities 
  • Coaching, consulting and mentoring

Sector Building

An important part of our mission is to develop the resources needed for companies and women’s funds and organizations partner more effectively.  Win-Win Strategies brings together our vast network, and designs, pilots, and tests ideas. 

We create platforms, tools, and evidence that demonstrate how a holistic approach to women’s economic empowerment, in partnership with local women’s organizations, can be sustainable, lasting and transformative – for women and for business. We also collaborate with BSR on the Business Action for Women initiative.   

photo provided by P.A.C.E
photo provided by P.A.C.E


Win-Win Strategies has teamed up with Gap Inc.’s P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement) program to empower one million women and girls by 2020. As one of five NGO licensees of P.A.C.E., we are seeking potential partners from different sectors – corporate, government and NGO – to make this a reality. 

We work with companies to partner with local women's organizations to provide P.A.C.E. in community settings around the world, as well as to deliver the new P.A.C.E. curriculum for adolescent girls.